Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Redemption Bell"

Locked down, center of space
No gravity to find our place
Tripped up, stumbled we fell
Waiting for the redemption bell

Human race, save our grace
Need more love, find our place
No one to save, as we self-destruct
Other than choices
We can’t leave to luck

Little law, demand a lot
Patriot rights, we so have fought
Blinded eyes, truth so clear
Yet forsaken what’s most dear

Planet earth, the universe
Water and clay, simple birth
Our skies are suffocating
Cut the waste, use all God gave us
In the smartest of ways

Creation distorted

Skin turns to boils, protect ourselves
Putting on super hero, plastic capes
Step outside, make no mistakes
Our Earth shakes with rage
Crying to be saved
Pollute the air, all we breathe
Poisoning ourselves, yet too blind to see
Look at the skyline, beautiful serene
Use all solar source and gifts green clean
Spoiled by trains, planes and cars
A routine habit that slowly killed the rabbit

Nuclear bombs, the jets and stealth
Bomb one another, a power play
History repeats itself, everyday
Royalty, elite, middle class
What's these labels we've learned to read
Keep your heart in every step
Always close with the truth
All make a difference in our human race
A smile on our face, every soul embraced
Trick not the mind of charms that chime

Find a way
Start today
Government control
Simple people, self implode
Liberty with order
Justice for all

Future generation here today
Wondering eyes, light of life
Teach us the way with the purest of ways
Life is good so make it that way
Shaken to our knees, open eyes to see
God’s love is everything
Forever revering
Time and time again
Redemption can begin

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