Thursday, February 11, 2010

Every Moment Is A Gift

Another day to see the mysteries of God unfold and the greatest exploration of all. Often we make choices that determine certain outcomes, yet those outcomes are not always thought of in advance, and that's why it's called living. Often we say things that can be misunderstood, yet that's freedom of speech. My body is tired, yet my mind is awake, so instead of lying with thoughts, I chose to share.

I was at home this evening and the doorbell rang. I answered and my neighbor was in distress, asking if I had seen her dog. I felt so bad and had not. I decided to take a stroll around the block as it was the least I could do. After doing so, I went to their home and rang the doorbell. Well, who first to meet me is the lovely doggy at the window. My heart filled with joy. I awaited for the door to be answered, and as I looked through the window her husband wheeled over on his wheelchair. Once he opened the door I expressed my relief to see Nala was home safe. He invited me in and his three beautiful children were enjoying a night in PJ's and with Daddy. His wife had gone to the store and was not home yet.

We began talking about life, and he's just reaching his mid thirties. You might be wondering what led him to be in a wheelchair at such a young age, I know I did when we first met. He had been in a motorcycle accident a little over a year ago, that had him paralyzed and told by Doctors he will never walk or play guitar again. We began talking about the direction we are currently being directed and I expressed my determination to now follow my heart, as it's the only way I know how to feel alive. It's incredible how he encouraged me, and expressed that he wishes he would have done that at times in his own life. He was previously married to a woman, with whom he had three children with, and was very unsupportive of who he was as a person. So much so, that he said he went to therapy for a few years and finally realized that nothing was wrong with him. When with his first wife, she became pregnant with twins and at that time his band that he was touring with encouraged him to be with his family. I suggested that anything is feasible, if you choose to work with the circumstances, there are always solutions. He agreed, and also said that all to often, he would let others persuade his decisions and it's one thing he regretted. He and his wife eventually split up, and he found himself living with his parents again at 30 years of age briefly, and then back out on his own. We were speaking of how situations can feel as though they are the lowest of lows, yet at the same time, it's those same situations that we can find a greater freedom.

Not long after, he met Laura, his wife now and she was everything he dreamed of, yet wondered if she truly existed. He had met the woman of his dreams, who loved him dearly and unconditionally. He said, "I've never met someone who was so supportive." Then expressed he was still torn, and why? Because he still had this idea of a standard that he must please his parents. Well, that didn't last long as once he made it clear to his parents he loved her, they eventually accepted it and let go of the dream of him being with his first wife and kids, to simply live to please them. He told me Laura got pregnant pretty quickly, and his parents embraced the situation fully. He was truly blessed to have his Son who is now a little over two years of age. No one ever thinks that a tragic accident will happen to them, yet I believe the awareness that it can happen is there, although to personalize and embrace the depth of it happening is something no one wants to think of.

He is now walking from time to time on the walker and has movement with his arms. He was telling me how the greatest feeling was being able to hold his children again. His Toddler came over to him, and he said, "I just put one arm around him, then threw the other arm around and held tight, pulling with all my might. My son was in my lap, wrapped in my arms for the first time since the accident. I cried." I sat watching his eyes tear up as he told me of this recent experience. His previous Employer offered him a higher ranking job back at their company, and he has a new found passion of video editing that he's enjoying. We were speaking of how incredible God is, and he made a strong point when he said, "Could you imagine how miserable I would be if I hadn't followed my heart, didn't marry my wife Laura and was now living with my parents after the accident." He would never of had the chance to have another child again either. His wife is incredible and I've spoken to her on a handful of occasions. She has been by his side through everything and now does a lot of the man work as well. She is so humble and appreciative for the goodness of God in their lives. He said, "I never once asked God why this happened to me and for two reasons. One, it was my choice to get on that motorcycle and take that risk and two, I'm grateful to be alive. After the accident, my only two options were death or determination. I chose determination." He smiled as he shared with me how they call him Mayer at the recovery center. The reason so, is because he is the one who's always going around to the patients there and encouraging them to choose life.

I don't know what God has in store for me. There are often times I feel I would be a happy simple house wife, and then I have the artistic urges within me, that I feel there is a reason for as well. I've always believed I could have both and still do. There is a reason successful people have a team, no matter what it is that one is doing. I can say I know my destiny, yet that would be foolish because I truly don't. The one thing I do know, is that God gives us the now to do what we love and always finds a way to sustain us through all. We never know what tomorrow holds in store, yet if we simply follow our heart and use our mind, putting all our faith in His grace to show the way, we will surely be on our path, allowing the journey to of destiny to unfold with great appreciation each step of the way. I know, that no matter what my destiny is, as long as I follow my heart and keep God first, I shall enjoy each day, even when I fall. There are miracles all around, and when we look at a loved one, that's the greatest miracle of all.

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