Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Balance & Green; Healthy Living

Balance: Having perfect order within yourself, the exterior of self and our environment around us.

Green: A movement for planetary awakening and consciousness for nurturing Mother Earth.

Both encompass a great appreciation that we are blessed with as a simple, yet most profound gifts, from our Creator. It's not the planet or self we are worshiping, we are worshiping God by loving both, having highest intentions for greatest good, giving love and appreciating. When we appreciate something, we take the simple extra time in each present moment, to take care of it properly in the first place! In the long run, you're actually saving time, as you're increasing the years in your life and to our planet earth, for future generations to come.

Take the time to recycle; throw food scrapings and coffee grounds into the soil or compost; eat healthy; drink extra water (purified or coconut); intake anti-oxident's and vitamins of the purest source; use chemical free products as often as possible and those of recycled materials; use natural body essentials, soaps, shampoo and conditioner (lavender, citrus, etc.), that are free of petroleum and chemicals; eat fresh foods and cook properly to limit parasite intake, which are known to be the cause of many diseases, including cancer ; Fuel? Finding solutions to exterminate;...

These are a few that came to immediate mind. There are many more and I will share them with you, as it's a blessing to give that which is inspired by love.

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