Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"Make A Wish" - Unknown

May all your dreams come true, and may they be that of love, peace and unity!

In loving memory for all, who have fought for noble justice in various forms of the aspect. May your spirits soar with the song of triumph, leaving vibrations within the living for them to continue in your brave march for freedom, peace, love and victory, for the greatest cause of all time, unity as, One. Opening to a universal awareness of love, which is our natural state of being, and embracing that love, as that is the greatest weapon to overcome all the false delusion of hate.

Slaughtering in the name of God. Religion and the destructive path it can bring when radicals are swayed in the direction of hatred. Can love overcome this? When programmed to hate since childhood, can that programming be reversed? Some would say, "yes", and others, "no". The truth is, yes it can be, although the resources may feel unattainable at times, especially to those who need it most. Then something miraculous happens to those who seek, all of a sudden an entire new existence opens up to you, the way you see the world, and no longer focused on how it sees you. Unlocking the lock the you always held a key to in the first place. Today is a celebration of freedom. A freedom so profound that it starts first within ourselves, then we are truly free to share it with the world, making an impact far greater than any quest that is outside of ourselves.

In sincere loving memory of every hero and martyr, to battle a cause that at times feels hopeless. Yet, the cause is indeed not hopeless, and the deed is grand. It takes a truly noble soul to sacrifice not only self, although family and all whom they they love dearly.


RT @mikepfs The "Good American" Who Was Taught to Hate

9/11 in relation to 11/11

This heightened sense of vulnerability will probably become a strong part of our beings.

11:11 "Live Your Wish, As Though It's Already True"

Every time you glance and see 11:11 in any given way.. Stop and smile, having a moment of gratitude and appreciation for that very moment, for the love of life, for the love of being, for the love of you and how it shines so brightly, lighting up every soul you encounter along the way, engaging and dancing, creating the universal shift, here and now, to create a world of peace, love, happiness and harmony.

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